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Many of the Hispanic people in North Carolina come from Mexico, Guatemala, Cuba, El Salvador and Puerto Rico. Many Hispanic men first came to North Carolina as migrant workers and worked on farms during the summers in order to help support their families back in their native countries. 

As their work increased beyond the summer months, the men began bringing their families, buying houses and settling down.  As their families joined them, the Hispanic population in North Carolina grew.  During the 1990s, the Hispanic population increased greatly.  Today, Hispanic residents represent about 4.7 percent of North Carolina’s population.

With increasing numbers of Hispanic people, North Carolina is faced with new challenges.  Many Hispanic families speak Spanish as their primary language.  Therefore, schools and businesses are hiring professionals to assist with communication for non-English speaking people.  Other professionals are hired to help with daily living activities. 

Along with new challenges comes a welcomed diversity.  The influence of the Hispanic population in North Carolina has resulted in an increase in Hispanic restaurants as well as authentic food supplies in many grocery stores.  Additionally, North Carolinians are provided new opportunities to participate in many "fiestas," or cultural celebrations.  The Hispanic heritage is richly influencing the political, economic, social and cultural life of North Carolina. 


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